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Motto for patients: exercise and





Scoliosis Support Group


physiotherapy treatment

and support for scoliosis

 What is Pain?



First in London

Scoliosis Support  Meeting Group  


Empower For Self Help           


            London Scoliosis Support Group is for people who suffer from scoliosis, teenagers and adults. You can come and talk about how to cope with scoliosis, share your story, talk about your ideas, and have friends.

            We know how hard is to live with spinal deformities. Most people do not understand how difficult it is. So if you need any support and you want to talk to other people dealing with scoliosis please join us.

             Support group meets periodically. If you need further information about group meetings, simply send email

            All patients who have scoliosis and parents are welcome.




Living with scoliosis ...                               I was 12 years old when ...

        Michelle                                                        Amal


Michael back problem story...   My scoliosis story (March 2009 October 2009)...

        Michael                                                                     Sharon







Schroth Method





1/SEX - mild curves affect boys and girls equally, but girls are 10 times more likely to have curves that can progress.


2/AGE - the younger the child when scoliosis appears, the bigger chance of progression.


3/GENETIC FACTORS - it is thought that scoliosis runs in families. 



Do you suffer from pins and needles?

Back pain?



Early detection may lead to early treatment,which may stop the curve from getting worse.


Children of women who have scoliosis should be screened for scoliosis regularly...



Non surgical treatment

for scoliosis of the spine.

Avoid spinal problems,

exercise your spine.