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Patient’s Testimony


This treatment has enabled me to fully understand everything about my condition. There is so much more than I thought. It has also shown me how I should care for my scoliosis in everyday life and it has proved to me if you work hard and have a positive attitude you can really achieve something.

The treatment requires a lot of concentration, hardwork and patience but Joanna makes what sounds like a tediously long four weeks very enjoyable and pass extremely quickly. Day to day I have seen significant improvements and developments in my posture, breathing, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

I found it very beneficial coming for a couple of sessions prior to the treatment, so I could practice the breathing techniques at home. By the time the four weeks started I had already mastered the rotational breathing. The whole process is not easy especially when you go home, it is difficult to constantly think about keeping your correction, but Joanna’s motivation and passion is inspirational.

Looking at a photo of my back at the beginning of the treatment, it is unbelievable how I have managed, with a lot of Joanna’s help, to change my body.

Joanna is very kind and caring. She is very skilled in her ability to always keep an eye on three people at the same time, still having time to answer questions, offer support and also have time for parents. Not only does she care for your spine but cares for each person as a whole.

Joanna always asks which exercises we enjoy the most, do we have any pain, how much sleep have we had and also what we have been in our free time, what we want to do in the future and our life outside her room.

The wide variety of exercises not only works on different parts of the condition but provides variety to the day. You are continuously learning new and more challenging exercises.

I am very interested in chemistry and I want to complete an investigation into scoliosis and its causes. Joanna has offered to help me in any way she possibly can. She is truly a wonderful person as she never fails to have a smile on her face. 


Dear Joanna

I wish there was something I could do that would express how much I want to say thank you, not only for the excellent scoliosis treatment but for making the four weeks so enjoyable.

I will really miss your smiley face when I am doing my exercises.

I hope Cedric the snake and the song "head, shoulders, pubis sacrum" come in useful in the future. I will also miss making a big apple pie every day. /exercises - Joanna/

Thanks for the lovely birthday party, the present, balloons and card it really made my day.

Thank you so much for all your help. Maybe one day I will really be able to fly!


Lots of Love




          Kitty’s scoliosis was diagnosed by chance in December 2008 and she had her first consultation at RNOH in March 2008 – that was the first time we saw that she had a double major scoliosis with an upper curve measuring 47 degrees.  I got in touch with Joanna after my daughter’s scoliosis deteriorated rapidly, increasing by seven degrees in seven weeks. The consultant told us that the only effective treatment was surgery and that without it her condition would continue to deteriorate, and she would be crippled and in constant pain.


            When we met Joanna she explained that she could work with Kitty and help improve her scoliosis, but that it would not be an instant cure, and Kitty would have to work hard. Kitty was clear that she didn’t want surgery, and neither did I, but after six months of being told there was no possibility of change without surgery I was losing hope. I suggested Kitty start a course in August, during her school holidays. Joanna explained that the sooner she started the more effective it was likely to be. Joanna was very flexible regarding the program, so that Kitty could still attend some lessons every week, and be at school for several key exams. I was also worried about Kitty being lonely, as she would be working one-to-one with Joanna for a month, so it was important for her morale to keep up her social life.


            Joanna took measurements and photos and talked simply and directly to us about what we could expect to achieve. She made it clear that the Schroth approach was not a quick fix, that it needed commitment and that education and self-awareness about the condition was an integral part of the programme. She showed us before and after pictures of people she had worked with and talked about difficulties that could come up. Kitty asked me to come with her for the first week, but by the end of the first day it was clear that I was a distraction. Joanna talked through all the exercises, demonstrating them and working alongside Kitty. After the first week Kitty went on her own. I had been worried that it was too much to ask of a 13-year-old girl and expected her to become demoralised and complaining, which didn’t happen. Although she was tired at the end of every day, she kept in good spirits, which was a tribute to the way Joanna worked with her.


            After just over two weeks of Schroth we went for a second consultation at Guys and St Thomas’. The x-ray indicated that her upper curve had reduced from 54 degrees to 29 degrees. We cried with astonishment and joy. The hard work was paying off. The consultant was very surprised.


            Joanna would have liked measurements on both the upper and lower curves, but the consultant hadn’t given us the measurement for the lower curve, and we hadn’t asked. Joanna also explained that the rotation needed to be reduced, and this was probably the slowest thing to change, but it was something for which the hospital gave us no measurement.


            At the end of the course Joanna gave Kitty a sheet listing exercises, which she had made sure she understood, by testing her over the four weeks. She worked with Kitty to demonstrate the exercises and talked through the equipment she would need to complete them.


            When I look at Kitty’s back now it looks very different to what I could see before the exercise regime. Her back is straighter, her posture is better and she is confident and happy. In particular her shoulder blades don’t stick out any more and she is stronger and slimmer too. She has grown a centimetre. She is doing exercises every day and now has wall bars in own room to help her.


            Kitty's Mother Sally




           Before I came to Scoliosis in London, my posture was very bad and I had a lot of back pain. I was nervous about starting my 4-week treatment but everyone was very friendly. The treatment was intense but I enjoyed doing the exercises and felt the benefits and now get less pain. When I saw my before and after photos there was an improvement and I am very pleased with the results.






          Thank you for working so hard with me, encouraging me, and pushing me through the pain and hard days. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and working with you. It has been a month that I will never forget. I promise you to do everything possible to keep my result.


          You are someone who can never be forgotten!

Wishing you all the best and success in life!






           Our sincere thanks for your professionalism, energy and enthusiasm in working with Emma.
Very best wishes


           Thank you very much for all your help and helping me understand about my spine.
I will work hard on the exercises and my correction.
I had a great time.
Thank you!!


           Thank you Joanna for all your hard work with Megan. You have motivated and encouraged her throughout the hours that we have been in London with you.
I am very grateful and will keep reminding her of posture and shoulder.
Dear Joanna


            Thank you for all your help! I really think it will make a change in the way I do things. I promise to do my exercises every day.


          Jarvie /daughter/


            Thanks for giving Jarvie lots of encouragement and for being so professional!

We learnt more in 2 days with you than 2 years with specialists.


          Aimee /mother/



Dear Joanna


            I just want to thank you for what you have done for me.

I really enjoyed the physio with you!

            I hope you will remember me and maybe we see each other in Bad Sobernheim one day!



Dear Joanna


We would like to thank you for all the care and attention you gave to Selma during her stay in London. Her spine improved a lot which is surely due to the professional physiotherapy she received from you.

We wish you all the best.


Amal and Peter from Germany




„Great advice, positive improved, breathing improved. You are very nice to work with and very dedicated to improving others. Always answered all my questions. I found this treatment very beneficial and am very grateful for your time and effort and will hopefully book in some time next year for more”





Dear Joanna


“Overall, I am extremely happy with how my treatment has gone. Already I am experiencing much less pain and I feel that I understand my condition much more. I also now understand what I need to do to correct my posture and feel very motivated to continue the exercises that will help me achieve this. I am very positive about continuing with this technique”.





“I really enjoyed the course. Good atmosphere. You are very enthusiastic and organised.

I learned a lot about stabilising my scoliosis and hopefully continue the improvement.

The Schroth method really seems to work”.

Many thanks for your expert therapy and patience. I have enjoyed the four weeks with you. I am sure I am on the road to sustained improvement thanks to you and the Schroth method. I promise to keep up the exercises and I look forward to coming back for regular check ups. Again heartfelt thanks for all your efforts and encouragement.


Best wishes




Dear Joanna


I have the condition Hypekyphosis. I started a 2 week intensive course in December 2009 with Joanna hoping to improve my condition. The treatment was varied which included helping breathing to push my spine forward whilst at the same time pushing my shoulders back. Joanna clearly demonstrated and talked me through each exercise. Before the course I suffered a lot of my pain in my back and my breathing was quite poor. I got out of breath quickly. When the course finished I saw a lot of improvement in my shoulder posture and Joanna tested my breathing levels and this was much better. I still continue to do exercises at home set out by Joanna, which I vary every day. I visit Joanna at the centre every 4-5 weeks. She regularly tests my breathing and measures the curve on my spine. The curve is slowly improving and has moved forward slightly and I rarely get any pain in my back now.

Joanna explained my condition to me at the beginning of the course very carefully and the methods she could teach me to improve my condition. Joanna is very professional and patient with me and encourages me all the time. I would recommend Joanna very highly to anyone who has the same problem as me or other spinal problems.





„Joanna, I just want to thank you for what you have done. It has been a very good experience for me that will help me out in my entire life. You have been fantastic.

I could not thank you enough. You are an amazing person and I wish you all the best.

I promise I will continue all my exercises! “



I first heard about the Schroth method by searching the internet after various physiotherapists were unable to help me. I arranged a consultation with Joanna where she explained how the treatment worked. Basically through breathing and physical exercises you work on de-rotating and straightening your spine. Throughout the treatment you are taught exercises and continually tested until eventually you're able to do them on your own at home. Joanna educates you on your condition and you really get to understand your body.

My Scoliosis while not severe did impact on my life, I didn't like the way cloths fell on my back, I even designed my wedding dress to have one shoulder so it would not highlight my uneven back and protruding shoulder blade. I am a keen runner, but when I ran I got a pain in my side due to the way I rotated. Since I started the treatment I now hold myself better and feel more confident in what I wear. The pain when I run has more or less gone, if it comes back I know what to do to help myself and to stop it getting worse.

Joanna is extremely dedicated to her job. She has great energy and commitment. She really cares about each client and it shows when you work with her. Joanna has taught that you have to invest time and energy in treating your scoliosis and you have to do your exercises!

I just hope this method of treatment becomes more well known and that the medical profession recognises and encourages patients to pursue the Schroth method rather than surgery.





„These past four weeks with Joanna have been a very positive experience – for the first time since I started suffering back pain 18 months ago, I understand my condition and what I can do to improve it and my quality of life.

Thanks to Joanna’s patient, intelligent teaching, I feel I have been able to take control of my scoliosis and take steps to improve it and, hopefully make surgery a less pressing need.

With the skills, exercises and knowledge I have acquired, I am confident that I will continue to make progress. I would recommend this course to other people whole heatedly.

I am going to miss the daily massage! “





My 10 tear old daughter has been with Joanna now for 8 days of a 2 week course.

I am more than pleased with my daughter’s progress during this time and she is getting stronger by the day.

With the valuable advice and exercises Joanna has taught me and my daughter. We feel over time her condition will continue to improve.

It has been hard work for my daughter but she has enjoyed her time spent with Joanna. Joanna has been a total professional in the way she has treated and helped my daughter. Its clear Joanna puts her heart and soul into helping people with this condition.

I would recommend anyone with the misfortune of suffering with Scoliosis, to seek advice and training from Joanna


Paul / Niamh’s father /



The treatment exceeded all our expectations. All we knew was that surgery was not an option for Chloe and we luckily found your website. It was one best decision we could have made. It has been hard work and Chloe has been tired, but she has enjoyed it and has got up every morning to come back again to see what was next.

Chloe is a very quiet girl and you have been very gentle with her and she has therefore listened to you and been able to take in all you been telling her – no one else has taken the time to explain to her about her spine and now it all makes more sense to her.

I thank you for your kindness you have shown us both.


Sue / Chloe's mother /




 treatment for Scoliosis of the spine - the Katharina Schroth Method - London United Kingdom 


Schroth Method


 Scoliosis Treatment Centre

treats people who suffer from scoliosis

and related spinal deformities like: hyperkyphosis and Scheurmann's disease

with non-surgical,  physiotherapeutic  methods..




The spine and spinal cord

     All the functions and senses of our body are controlled by the central nervous system - CNS.

This system consist of the brain, spinal cord, and a chain 

of peripheral nerves that spread throughout the body from the spinal cord.

The spinal cord extends from the base of the brain, to inside the bones of the backbone,  known as the spine or the spinal column. The spinal cord does not extend the full length of the spinal column, but ends in the small of the back (the lumbar area). The spinal cord is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid - CSF and by several layers of protective structures called meninges. Meninges are made up of three different layers: dura mater (outer layer), arachnoid mater (middle) and pia mater (inner).

The dura mater is the strongest 

outermost layer. The backbone is made up of bones called vertebrae. The nerves spread out from the spinal cord, between the vertebrae. At each vertebral level of the spine there are a pair of nerve roots. These nerves go to supply particular parts of our body.



















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