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Motto for adolescent patients: exercise and get the

proper brace




Brace and

physiotherapy treatment

 for scoliosis deformity

give best results

What is Pain?



First london scoliosis back brace with                    


The aim of bracing in adolescents is to help stop curves from getting worse during skeletal growth. Indications for bracing are based upon the calculation of the risk of curvature progression. The calculation considers the patients age, skeletal maturity and curve severity.


       It is our opinion that proper bracing and Schroth therapy together offer the best approach to minimizing curve progression in adolescents.


We are pleased to be one of the only UK center offering both Schroth therapy and bracing together under one roof.


Our brace is asymmetrical and is designed for use with the Schroth therapy.  This kind of brace offers more space for breathing, in order to allow active correction by breathing movements. It is often worn 20-23 hours a day.


       Studies have demonstrated that brace treatment can stop curvature progression and leads to significant improvements in the cosmetic deformations.


Each brace is measured and made individually for each patient.


To obtain the best result a patient should wear a suitable brace!


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The SpineCor Brace is a soft, dynamic brace which can be use for the patient with relatively small and simple curvatures.

This brace is not recommended for someone who has a spine curve more than 25 degrees, because curvature could rapidly get worse.


The Boston Brace is a symmetrical brace.






/When spinal deformities - scoliosis, sheurman's disease/

Pain killers or professional therapy based on exercises and brace


 Choice is Yours





 brace for scoliosis




1/SEX - mild curves affect boys and girls equally, but girls are 10 times more likely

to have curves that can progress.


2/AGE - the younger the child when scoliosis appears, the bigger chance of progression.


3/GENETIC FACTORS - it is thought that scoliosis runs in families. 


Do you suffer from: 

pins and needles?

spine problems?

Back pain?

Do you exercise spine?


Early detection may lead to early treatment,which may stop the curve from getting worse.


Children of women who have scoliosis should be screened for scoliosis regularly...


Non surgical treatment

for scoliosis of the spine

clinically proven


Information and treatment scoliosis disease symptoms

exercises for spine

exercise scoliosis with the Katharina Schroth Method 

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